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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX  July 8, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> i am john roberts in for chris wallace. the presidential campaigns are battling over how best to get america back to work. we'll discuss the economy and race to the white house and leaders of the national commito. chairman debbie wasserman-schultz and reince priebus. and we'll talk policy with key house leaders. tom price of georgia.
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top unemployment numbers from president obama and criticism from governor romney. woleask the sunday panel where the race stand now with four months until election day. all right now on "fox news sunday". hello again from fox news in washington. for the third straight month job creation numbers is disappointing. it is a sure sign that the u.s. is struggling to get the economy back on track. are voters making up their minds on the economy and the presidential race. we'll talk to the chairman of the republican national committee reince priebus. but first debbie wasserman-schultz. i think the head line of the day. you drove 2000 miles all the way to new hampshire with four dogs and cat and kids and the
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husband. how are you? >> i lived to tell about it and all of the dogs were in the car. it can be done. >> very good. we have another head line and that is the job's number. 80,000 net jobs created. is that a record that the president can run on and win reelection next november? >> absolute low. when he tock off they were hemoraging jobs every month and we have had 28 months of job growth in the private stor and 4.4 million jobs created and we are moving forward. we need to continue to make more progress obviously and we haven't far enough. we need middle class tax breaks and get yobs and get economy moving forward and great if
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republicans would join us in that effort and president obama is focusing on making sure, he singles out like a lazer to get the economy and jobs. >> that should bring us back 50 percent. let's take down the numbers. national unemployment number 8.2 percent and including those underemped and stopped looking it is 14.9 african-american unemployment up to 14.4 percent and up a full point and 11 percent for hispanics, if the president hopes to win, he needs a motivated population. are african-american and hispanics look to a person that there is somebody to vote for. maybe they might just stay home? >> as i travel the country, i so
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tremendous enthusiasm from african-american and hispanic-americans. and if you look at the point where we were in the recovery in 2001 under president bush and where we are in the recovery now . we are two million jobs ahead in both recoveries. we have a long way to go and we have made progress and president obama is committed to not just getting the economy turned around but there is investing in innovation and cope people in the homes . mitt romney said let detroit go bankrupt and african-american would be devastated. and more than a million jobs would be lost. when it comes to immigration reform, mitt romney is the most extreme presidential candidate on immigration policy and that
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is why there is a 40-point deficit between him and president obama among hispanic-americans . when it comes to the policies that americans care about this is not politics, john. it is important for the lives of the americans and we need to move the economy forward like president obama has been doing. >> one of the campaign senior advisors fluff -- were it was like what they expected. >> the white whoit called the struggling economy what everyone expected as a step in the right direction. it is clear that president obama is simply out of touch with the difficulties facing middle class families . do you think that people at home sitting around the kitchen table looked at job numbers and said well, it was what was expected.
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>> everyone acknowledges we have a long way to go. 28 straight months of job growth and 4.4 million jobs created. and i think folks at home listening to mitt romney, we should go back to the failed policies of the past and repeat the same play book that got us in the mess . mitt romney's budget makes sure that wealthy americans get more and more tax breaks. and again, another incentives to send jobs over seas . president obama is focusing on incent vising companies to come back. that's what americans say. >> we should just do the same thing. the old definition doing the same thing and expecting a
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result. >> i am pretty happy about 28 months. >> are you happy about 80,000 jobs ask 69,000 before that. are you happy with those numbers. >> like i said and president obama said we need to improuv and work together. i am pleased that the manufacturing created 500,000 jobs and the automobile industry is still here in the united states. and all three automakers had record increases in job creation. they had a month of june. 7,000 autojobs created. and we have begun to move in the right direction. we need to focus on middle class power breaks that president obama has signed into law make
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investments in education and invasion and incent vising people to remain in their homes. and mitt romney would make sure the wealthiest americans get better tax breaks and end medicare as we know temperature and blow more of a whole than exists right now. we need to look at the two visions . president obama's vision and tax which is moving united states forward and mitt romney takes us back. >> you mentioned manufacturing jobs and that brars looking at more close low. but lock at this. there is a net loss of 590,000 manufacturing jobs in the count row and the balts ground states of ohio and pennsylvania. ohio 17,900. and pennsylvania 43,500 behind.
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and you are taughting >> of course there is a way to go. in ohio, 80 of 22 counties have an automanufacturing facility. if it was left to mitt romney they would have gone out of business. he would have left them twisting in the wind and the supply chain would have been gone and the investments that we have been able to make in getting the economy turned around and forward that president obama committed to helped us to make progress. and lock at how mitt romney's private secor policy in the public sector did for massachusetts . it was 47th out of 50 in job when he was governor. and they lost manufacturing jobs at twice the national rate.
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his record he touts is not successful and brought on the national stage. >> we are just out of time. it is true he was 47th out of 50th. but he of the 50th when hoe came in office . there was improvement and job loss and creation over president obama's years suffered massive yob loss and got up to positive numbers half way through and middling. would you want him to be known over the average. that could look unfortunate, too. >> we are at a net positive from when president obama office compared to president bush he was negative. we are moving in the right direction. john, i want to raise another point that i hope folks would -- i would like to see mitt romney
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release more than one year of tax records. there are disturbing reports that he has a secret bermuda corporation and investment in caymans and swiss bank account. why would a american businessman need secretive invest ams like thamp >> and all right, if i could finish off and leave folks with somebody in regard with the rom no. about those off shore investment from he hasn't paid a penny less in tax his liability is the same as if he held them directly in the u.s.. he is accountable for u.s. taxes and some investment in foreign countries are tax havens but mitt romney does not hold any such investments. appreciate you being here.
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>> thank you so much. >> and joining us from las vegas is reince priebus. welcome . >> thank you, john. >> what is on the top of your mind after listening to the chairman of the democratic national committee. >> i don't know if she is on vacation in new hampshire or on mars . people are not better off today. statistics bear it out. the fact of the matter is, almost half a million more people unemployed today than four years ago and if debbie and president obama were good on their promises on the stimulus, they said if we pass the trillion dollar stimulus we would have 5.5 percent unemployment today. what that means, if they kept promises, there would be 8 and half million more people
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employed today than four years ago. fact of the matter is, this president can't fulfill a promise and living in fantasy land and we'll put a dream to an end in november and save america and fire barak obama and hire mitt romney . that's the best stimulus. >> mitt romney came out strong on the job numbers on friday. can he win on that issue? >> not only an issue he can win on. but an issue that we have to win on. 80,000. job number they are talking about, that includes 30 percent of those jobs are temporary employment. debbie said that her - on somehow the job nbc were good as the recovery from 2001 to 2003. there is a 6.3 percent
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employment rate . that means six million people employed more today than when barak obama took office . the fact of the matter it is all maul ball and nastiness and division about invest ams and money and rich versus poor. this will come down to how people feel in november . did he fulfill the mission thatt he promised this country and did he meet the promises and live the cause of america. and the fact that it is not a question of whether mitt romney can win. but the statement is, mitt romney has to win for the sake of the very idea of america. mitt romney has to win for liberty and freedom and we have to put an end to the barak presidency before it puts an end to our way of life in america. >> and talk about feeling and steve scmidt said this.
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a lot of anxiety about the economy with the voters. the campaign that wins can best address the anxiety. it is a comfort argument. but look at polling. president obama leads on the economy mitt romney by 10 poigns. the feeling at the moment is with the president. why can't mitt romney get the feeling as well? >> i don't know what poll you are looking at. i am not doubting the pollings, but there is a lot of polls every day show the opposite and people are tired of this president and tired of the speeches and words . the fact of the matter is people understand that the president is the head of the country and the fish rots at the head. and the president hasn't fulfilled promises to the american people. and the reality is, this
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president is going from balts ground to battle ground, are you satisfied and crowds are cheering back no we are not. he's acting as if he is not the president. the american people will hold accountable the president of the united states for the current state and condition for this counselry. i don't think a lot of people were cheering when the fire works were going off. we were not excited about what happened over the last four years. i don't think people are begging for another four yearing of misery. do we want another four years of stagnant job growth where the president said actually, he's not living on earth. >> mr. chairman, arguments that are made here, this election about president obama or mitt romney's policy and how he would be different. i want to show you something that speaker boehner said in
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wheeling, west virginia virge how do you fall in love with mitt romney? 95 percent of the people who show up in november will vote for or against president obama. mitt romney has people going to vote for him. this election will be a revverundum on the president's failed economic policies. is that an indication that the alternative in the election doesn't matter and chairman of rnc, are you prepared to fight a negative campaign all the way from now to november. >> first of all, the president claimed to be bringing everyone together. and he's the most divisive and nasty and negative campaigner that the country has seen. >> what about mitt romney though. >> sure. >> the alternatives put up there is just tearing down the president. >> wait a second, mitt romney
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first two ads what would mitt romney's presidency look like. key stone pipe line. end obama care and european health care and past taste does health care reform. what this counsel row is faced with two questions. number one. has the president live fulfilled the mission that he promised the country and performed his yobs up to the standards that we expect promised to reform. that is a revverundum on bark obama and that's the first box people have to ask themselves . we don't want another four years of misery the next question have the republicans put up an intelligent alternative to fix the problem. you don't get to number two without going through number one. the election is a revverundum on whether or not we want to save the greatest counselry in the
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face of the earth and preserve what makes america unique. more than any country in the world. liberty and freedom and opportunity is there for everybody to reach and achive and go to the stars with. unfortunately with this president, the american threemdream is not where it should be >> we have a minute left mr. chairman, the obama campaign is trying to define mitt romney as outsourcer and chief . they have a new adthat went up. >> the documents show mitt romney's firms were pioneers at helping companies outsource manufacturing to countries including china. >> wall street journal had a tough editorial against mitt romney in which it said if boston boys let that one go unanswered they ought to be fired for malpractice.
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>> does the romney campaign need to push back on the attempt to defoin him? >> they put out an adfeaturing hillary clinton saying that bark obama that should be ashamed. this adis proved false. >> that may be true, but to the point, does he need to aggressively counter this type of ad, or attack . otherwise he will be defined by the obama campaign. >> john, we'll not let that happen. the rnc in spite of the fund raiser and's work we have enough money in the bank. we need to outsource barak obama's job. number one he's not been truthful to the american poem and fulfilled the mission and as
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far as china goes, bark obama hasn't done anything to make sure we have a level playing field with china. he's in the sand box with china every day and he hasn't stood up to china. and as far as outsourcing goes. what about fisca. sending millions over seas to companies that are not giving jobs to americans in this count rye. as far as outsourcing. bigger crime is taking taxpayer money and sending them overseas and then they file for bankruptcy . that is barak obama's legacy. mitt romney's legacy is success in business and making businesses and keeping promises . >> mr. chairman i know it isarily in las vegas. >> thank you, john. god bless.
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ya, no. he's over here. >>in the refrigerator? >> this week the house of represent will vote to repeal the affordable care act and what can be done about the stalled economy is representative tom price and representative berg --
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representative becerra. why do you feel the need to go do it again. >> status quo on health care is unacceptable. i am a physician and i spent 20 years of taking care of the patients. current system doesn't work for patients or doctors. the president's law violates the principles of health care whether it is affordability. supreme court said it is constitutional but not good policy for the country . we need to provide that contrast for the american people to say these are the folks that are fighting for us in washington for patient-centered health care and patient and family and doctors making the decisions and not washington people in the fall recognize the vote. >> nothing will change and so congressman becerra is it a political show. >> that's where we are come .
4:26 pm
we are going to relitigate behawe did two years ago. the taste denial where now the three branches was our democracy have smoken and said guess what affordable care law is not just valid but sound. we should move forward and try to help six million americans who get medicare that are paying less for prescription drugs talk to young adults who got to stay on the parent's health insurance as a result of affordable health care law . we are getting rid of preexisting conditions that insurance companies use tod dis-- used to discriminate. we should be creating more yobs and build an economy that will create the jobs. >> we'll get to that in a second. congressman price? >> the chief justice said the court does not express opinion
4:27 pm
on the wisdom of the affordable act . under the constitution that is reserved to the people. the people understand they don't want washington to run the health cace. there is wonderful ways. but you don't have to put washington in charge to do that. >> you want to repeal the law . it hasn't gone anywhere else . but to the congressman's point. if you lose things that people do like and decide the preexisting condition. and 80 percent of the population likes that idea. what do you riplace it with. there is no concrete plan yet. >> the affordable care act what preexisting condition will be covered is what washington said will be covered. without putting washington in charge have robust pooling mechanisms and individuals who are in the small group market they are only ones challenged. >> how about health care
4:28 pm
insurance acrossitate line. >> you need positive patient reform. you need to have association plan to pool together so that you get the purchasing power and let insurance work the way it is supposed to work and not washington for health care . >> that's what the affordable care bill does. you can pool and buy insurance. you don't have to go literate what we did two years ago. on top of that, we are busy bringing on bills that are going no where. and we have americans who want to go to work. we can fight and argue and have political debates, but the court and supreme court and executive branch and congressional branch said it is sound and let's move forward and build on it >> let-- are you saying to move forward on this now. run on this and what the supreme
4:29 pm
court determined was a tax in the fall? >> we should build on the reform that is we saw in the affordable care act. we want to make sure every american has the quality health care they want. it is a penalty and a tax. ask mitt romney. >> the supreme court said it is a tax. >> in his opinion the chief justify said congress call its a penalty. you can call it a horse it is it still a tax. >> and the supreme court's rule and justice's role is to tell us whether a law before it for debate is constitutional. he said he doesdid . >> as a tax. >> how they on interpert that is up to them. but is it constitutional . >> he said it is constitutional and some of these said that money is equal to speech. and so if you are wealthy, you have more freedom of speech
4:30 pm
under the first amendment than if you are not so wealthy. >> the point is, >> if i could make a point. we should be moving forward. and why are we going back wards and talking about what was litigate affirmed by the supreme court. we should be talking about yobs. you talked about jobs in you first segment. >> and a quick response. >> just because it is constitutional doesn't make at this time right policy. the american people know whether it is a penalty or tax they will pay it. and that's the estimate prior to the ruling. >> and americans who fight to be free loaders. -- >> yawn. it is not a tax. >> you don't pay it unless you are a fro loader. and you are penalized if you decide to ask someone.
4:31 pm
>> your dev definition. you don't buy insurance that the government said you must buy. >> lack luster jobs report. 80,000 and 69,000. and can president obama go out there congressman becerra and say reelect me in november. >> 28 months of job growth and creating a job. >> but we are not treading water at this point. >> 80,000 americans within back to work. >> we needed 125,000. >> what happened in june four years ago 280,000 jobs and what happened in the first month or last month. bush in office we lost 800,000 jobs. you gain 84,000 is not enough but it is better than 800,000 or
4:32 pm
200,000. we are making progress but you have to build on that. if republicans would take their brake off of the economic recovery . >> remember what the president said. pass my stimulus bill and unemployment rate at this point would be 5.6 percent. we are aught 8.2. and it is higher than that as you pointed out. we are not putting in place policies to law job creators to create job. key stone pipe line. this will create jobs and doesn't cost washington a dime. and red tape oppression to keep small businesss and large businesses from expand making it so they can't create jobs and tax uncertainty, not only in obama care . increase taxes on large and maul. >> one quick statistic.
4:33 pm
i know my colleagues on the republican side said that the health care law by the supreme court is a job loser. since its passage over 600,000 jobs created in the health care industry since the passage of the affordable care we are seeing that jobs are increasing and we have to make sure they increase for everyone. >> in is a problem that is living in front of us. fiscal cliff that we hit in the end of the year. we signed something and kicked the can down the road for a number of years. should the hard work get done to solve >> and this is where the cooperative nature of washington need toz exist. we have over 500 billion in increasing taxes in the end of the year. and you have got marginal rates going up and dev dends - dividends going up and what we
4:34 pm
will do in the house of representatives is pass the legislation and keep them the same for a year something that governor romney reports and thal -- that will provide certainty. these are bills to no where. and what we are doing. we are willing to take the time of the people of the country and taxpayers money. >> you let it expire. >> come up with a real proposal to pass both houses and not just put bills up there that are going no where. it is time to do something together. >> the process that allows that to happen is the house and senate to act. and then you come together. >> they have a chance to pass in both houses and not just doing a message piece. thank you for coming n. >> up next tough job nbc for the president momentum is shifting
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>> business created 80,000 new jobs last month. that is a step in the right direction. >> this is a time for choose if they want more of the same. it doesn't have to be this way. the americans can do better. >> that was president obama and
4:39 pm
mitt romney riacting to the disappointing job news. bill kristol of the weekly standard and ab stoddard and fox news analyst juan williams . >> we are looking at jobs numbers and i don't think we have to go over them again. but we should point out historically voters look at year before the election. first three looked good. but the last three are dismal. is this a problem for the president going forward if it doesn't get better? >> of course it is a problem. he has to deal with that and persuade the american people he has them moving in the right direction . we saw that in the bus tours in pennsylvania and ohio . if you look at numbers. we are adding numbers that was the talking point in the
4:40 pm
interviews, coming from democrats. ohio and pennsylvania. unemployment in the 7 percent x. guess what president obama bailed out the autoindustry and resulted in a good result. >> it is like keeping the money in the bank. you may not be losing like you would if the marks down turned. you are not making up with the cost of living . if you can't get the jobs number to 125,000, how cucreate a lot of jobs in a robust fashion. >> you have a lot of problems and that's where the president is having problems in the campaign. people around the kitchen table are hurting and they hear the advisor saying that's what we expected. they don't care . when can i get a job and make mortgage and save for my kid's future again. that's not where the majority of the people are out there right now.
4:41 pm
it shouldn't be close and mitt romney should be doing better. we still have three or four month to figure it out. >> we'll talk about that in the next panel. ab, you break down the numbers and we did that with congressman schultz. you have 14.9 percent over all unemployment and 14.4 percent african-americans. they have to be motivated for the president in november if he hope to win. >> obviously this is not 2008, and they will not be inspired their hopes are dashed. but he will need to make up for a working white vote. and hoping to galvinize the latino electorate with recent announcements and also the supreme court rulog immigration is thisshould boost latino turn out. that is a energizing issue.
4:42 pm
when it comes to african-american it takes a big part on team obama to convince them it is a long fight but they are heading in the right direction. >> looking at numbers nationally. mitt romney is slightly ahead of president obama and battle ground states, that we showed, it is 51-42 for obama. that the president doesn't seem to be too affected by the jobs numbers . >> it is a rough three months economically and therefore obama three disappointing jobs april 8th. rass rass musen it was 45-45 gym 8. it is 46-46. and so president obama had three months disappointing and he's holding his own. and the fox news poll has the key to what the problem is for the mitt romney plan.
4:43 pm
do you think he has a clear plan. yes, 41 and no 53 . economy is slow and only at 41-53. do you think mitt romney has a clear plan. yes 27, and no 55. i don't think you can beat the incumbent president if twen think that you don't have a clear plan for improving the economy. >> i don't want to cross over too much with the material and hold that thought. why do you think juan that the president doesn't seem to get stung by the economic numbers if george bush in 1992, even though the economy was improving was flailing at this point. >> gall up had a poll that indicated 68 percent of the americans right now today in 2012 blame president bush for the economy versus 52 percent say that it is president obama's responsibility. and the numbers have not changed
4:44 pm
and we talk about the recent unemployment numbers and when is it going to fix in the american voters mind going in november. i think we have established they are anxious about the retirement and jobs and the like. what president obama said about trying to get out of the deep hole is true in the american mind. they say, he got a bad deal and the economy was in bad shape and he's trying to hammer that point home time and time again. when you see him on the campaign trail. he talks about mitt romney is a rich guy and doesn't understand you and relate to you and that shows nup the favorability ratings where obama again is it miles ahead of the challenger. >> president obama has been president for three and half years now. if you were to bring in a ceo to
4:45 pm
turn around a company that was fail they didn't get it down - done in three and half years. is it time to stop blaming george bush and take responsibility for himself. >>, it is . i would say a football coach . and half years you don't win a title you are gone. >> i would argue that 68 percent of the respondants in the polls who believe that it is not obama's fault decided that the president controls the growth. economy and can't turn it around from the place of fall of 08 and to where we are now. if there is a shift in the thinking that he is not in control and how quickly to spur hiring, then that is not good news for mitt romney. >> we'll have to take a quick break. mitt romney and his campaign face sharp criticism from fellow republicans. stay tuned .
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4:47 pm
>> check out and a special preview of the monday ahead. find it all at and let us know what you think . we'll be right back with more from our panel.
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>> the governor believes whatever we put in place in massachusetts. and the supreme court has the final word and their final word is that obama care is a tax. so it is a tax . >> conflict in the mitt romney campaign caused heart burn among fellow republicans. and the wall street journal editorial page went to mixed messages on the health care camp. if mitt romney loses the run to the white house. it will be to absorve obama of raising taxos the middle class . he's turned the only silver lining and man date to buy insurance is really a tax into a second political defeat. tough words for the romney campaign. >> they are frustrated and not
4:50 pm
only conservatives. i don't care that much what exact plan that romney offers in health care or tax reform or energy he's got a lot of details out but a lot of the pime would like to see that hope romney will win the presidency, i would like him to stay're stand up and say i have a plan . they are preventing defense. and that is the fourth quarter . and if you are playing in the second quarter and a tied game. it seems awfully ricky . don't need to read the quote from your latest column . many, many times. and i think i don't believe it is a staff problem. they are competent and does what governor romney opts to do. the theory on the race is that the economy is bad and gets
4:51 pm
blamed and we have to stay out of the way and let the voters do what they naturally do for a bad economy and we will win. it is a theory and not unintelligent theory but makings me nervous. >> you don't agree with rupert murdoch. what do you think, chip? >> being a campaign manager for a presidential campaign. i used to love having bill kristol tell me what i was doing. and the good news for the romney campaign. they have all of the pieces of the puzzle on the board to win. but they have to put them together. they are troying to grow and they had a small knit family who came through the tough primary and they are adding new people on board and hard to grow that way. they will get there and they have a lot of good things going for them. they have a good core team and will do well .
4:52 pm
>> yes, as for the flip flop on the penalty and tax. that was an avoidable mistake. it was a true meaning of unforced error. and it comes to compelling message and selling himself instead of barbing the president they do acknowledge they need to have a narrative about his own agenda. and that in the 59 point plan he is talk being repealing certain regulations and cutting the corporate tax rate increasing trade with latin-america. bill is right. he will have to make the case to voters. particularly if president obama remains popular in battle ground states and more popular in romney. and 8.2 percent unemployment. he will have to make the case from now. if i am president economy would
4:53 pm
be better for these relationships and if he can't sell that, i don't know if he can make the sale. >> juan about the tip on the obama campaign to paint romney as an outsourcer and compare him as nixon. if they manage to get those labels to stick. that is real trouble for mitt romney. >> that's what we are seeing already. and seeing the ads run. and ads that portray mitt romney out of touch and a rich guy and the business like there are secret accounts ask more off shore accounts and that you have to force them to release the 2010 tax returns and like 20 something accounts there that had not previously been disclosed and this whole and it didn't help mitt romney to be on the power boat this week. laura ingram said get off of the boat and get in the fight.
4:54 pm
that's where you see the frustration coming from conservatives. respond to this bain attack and rich guy out of touch and don't reenforce it. >> something else that bill wrote about. ve, p stakings. you think that woman. >> condoleezza rice. and i think ann romney is impressive and not talking. but if they are lookingalt a woman as a possible vp pick. >> dick chen said no thanks in 2000. and the truth is, myself and amms as the romney campaign is data drin and look at polls and look at her ratings among the swing and you could make the case that she would be an exeisting pick. >> and we have 45 seconds on the
4:55 pm
hook in the end. >> do you think it will be a woman. no. i don't. rob portman. he needs him in congress. and he needs him to help him legislate and govern . >> i think he will follow the do no harm and he will be safe and i think portman. >> i would love to see rice and conseshatives like her. i am not sure the romney team likes her. the senator from new hampshire is an exciting female pick. republicans governors. >> thank you for joining us today. see you next week by the way. >> make sure you follow us on twitter on fox news sunday. spectacular 4th of july celebrations in our nation .
4:56 pm
last season was the gulf's best tourism season in years. in florida we had more suntans... in alabama we had more beautiful blooms...
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in mississippi we had more good times... in louisiana we had more fun on the water. last season we broke all kinds of records on the gulf. this year we are out to do even better... and now is a great time to start. our beatches are even more relaxing... the fishing's great. so pick your favorite spot on the gulf... and come on down. brought to you by bp and all of us who call the gulf home. >> fourth july week. it is a star tangled night.
4:58 pm
♪ ♪ that was an inspiring sight and san diego that went poof all at once unfortunately. that's it for today. i am john roberts in for chris wallace. thanks for joining us. have a great week.
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